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Kid’s Treatments


We recommend that children attend for a dental examination every six months from the age of two. These checkups, include examination of the child’s teeth for any cavities present, an evaluation of the child for any susceptibility to dental problems, and advice on prevention and hygiene. We can also carry out the disclosing solution test, which helps us pinpoint an area which may need more care and hygiene.


We will always give you detailed information about your child’s oral health and consult you at every stage of diagnosis and treatment. We also give you detailed advice about dental care so that you can support your child to maintain a good regime.


What are sealants?

Sealants are a safe and painless way of protecting your teeth from decay. A sealant is a protective plastic coating, which is applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The sealant forms a hard shield that stops food and bacteria getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth and causing decay.

How do sealants work?

The sealant forms a smooth, protective barrier by covering all the little grooves and dips (pits and fissures) in the surface of the tooth. Dental decay easily starts in these grooves.

Which teeth should be sealed?

Sealants are only applied to the back teeth – the molars and premolars. These are the teeth that have pits and fissures on their biting surfaces. Your dentist will tell you which teeth should be sealed after examining them, and checking whether the fissures are deep enough for sealing to help. Some teeth naturally form with deep grooves which can be sealed, others form with shallow ones which may not need sealing.

How much does it cost?